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Светодиодные экраны-решетки для витрин

Led displays for show-windows

High-aspect ratio screens with LED lattices is the ideal solution for placing advertisement in show-windows.

The advantages of such a screen in comparison with conventional monitors are obvious: the screen permits light to pass through from the sides of a building without blocking it, and displays a bright image from the street side, which helps attract potential buyers to your product or outlet.


Main advantages of the screen

1. Bright and pure images are kept even in case of incoming solar beams on the screen.
2. Electrical power consumption is minimized owing to a provided computerized temperature sensor.
3. The screen is protected well against humidity and dust; therefore, it is suitable not only for indoor application, but also for year-round outdoor operation.
4. LED lattices are characterized by a high transparency; therefore, screens are stable even to strong winds.
5. The absence of fans ensures operational quiescence. At the same time, the screen does not overheat, as its design allows the rapid dissipation of heat.
6. The screen operates without failure and with high efficiency owing to the stability of the displayed image.
7. A unique fastening mechanism is covered by a patent. It is complemented by a thin and light structure, and in the result, all this ensures simplicity of installation and maintenance.
8. The screens have a serviceability of 5 to 8 years minimum; and proper maintenance allows extending this period.