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Светодиодные экраны для стадионов

Led screens for stadiums

LED displays are installed in the largest stadiums all over the world to allow huge audiences to enjoy live broadcast with a pure and sharp picture, as well as a wide viewing angle.


Main advantages of the screen

1. Pure and live pictures owing to uniform color reproduction and high contrast ratio.
2. Small energy consumption.
3. Wide viewing angle providing a high quantity of spectators with excellent picture.
4. Module protection against ultraviolet radiation, which prevents their breakage in case of permanent screen presence in bright sunlight.
5. Long service life and slow temperature rise owing to heat dissipation through double channels.
6. Increased protection of outdoor LED screens against dust and humidity, which guarantees reliable screen operation even under severe conditions.
7. Continuous and safe operation owing to a stable signal and reliable power supply source.
8. Uninterrupted picture display owing to synchronous signals.
9. Easiness of installation, maintenance and disassembly of street displays.