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Светодиодные рекламные стойки

Led advertising displays

Advertising LED displays allow showcasing advertising materials profitably, and could be used as a stylish decoration of the interior of shopping centers, waiting rooms and other crowded places.

Due to the high degree of protection of the case, this LED advertising tower could be used both indoors and outdoors.

The ability to react to moving objects could be added as an additional function of such screens.


Main advantages of the screen

1. The observation angle is 140°; therefore, maximum number of passes-by will see pictures.
2. The light restoration function guarantees bright and live images.
3. The devices have a stylish design.
4. The content can be fed to the screens by both cables and Wi-Fi or 3G wireless networks.
5. Continuous operation is guaranteed by a hot image backup system and presence of a back-up power source in addition to the primary one.
6. The content can be loaded from a cloud storage.
7. The possibility to monitor the passerby flow is offered as an additional option.
8. In addition, a response function for moving objects could be installed.