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Мобильные светодиодные экраны

Mobile led screens

Mobile LED screens are perfectly suited for displaying advertising and information statements directly from a vehicle platform. You can advertise goods and services to a wider audience in any weather condition.


Main advantages of the screen

1. Ultra-thin displays rationally occupy a free space on a vehicle platform, and have a modern exterior appearance.
2. Images remain bright and pure even in direct sunlight.
3. Effective dissipation of heat produced during screen operation due to a special ventilated structure. This significantly prolongs the service life of the screen.
4. A high degree of protection allows screens to operate outdoors in various conditions, including severe ones.
5. Minimization of service expenses is reached by low energy consumption.
6. A reliable power source and stable signal transmission guarantee continuous and safe screen operation.
7. The screen viewing angle is very wide; therefore, advertising and other information will be viewed by a maximum quantity of people
8. The screens are serviceable for 5 to 8 and more years; and with proper maintenance, their service life can be extended.