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Media facades

Qualitative and inexpensive LED-screens are widely used to broadcast advertisements to a wide audience on city building facades. A LED media facade is suitable for residential buildings and trading and office centers.


The simplicity in design is a distinctive feature of a LED-screen, which ensures minimum load on the facade.

LED-screens for facades are characterized by low energy consumption, which creates bright and sharp image displays. As a result, energy costs for attracting the maximum number of passers-by will be very small. Screens for media facades have IP65 protection level, which guarantees operation stability and reliability even in very unfavorable weather conditions.

Key features:

1. Uniform color and high contrast ratio guarantee the reproduction of sharp and bright images.
2. Low energy consumption
3. The very wide viewing angle guarantees that the advertising material will be seen by a large amount of people
4. Protection against UV radiation does not permit failure of modules caused by solar beams action.
5. Presence of double channels for heat dissipation is a guarantee of the long service life and slow temperature growth.
6. High protection level (IP65) makes our street LED screens stable to dust and moisture
7. Stable signal and power source guarantee reliable and safe operation.