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Экраны для офисов и конференц-залов

Screens for offices and conference halls

Such screens are installed in conference halls, entrance halls of hotels, in offices and other premises. They are used to broadcast commercials, various presentations, schedules and other information.


Main advantages of the screen

1. One-piece body. Panels are cast from aluminum under pressure; their high accuracy is considered during design and then reaches the required values with the help of CNC machines. Errors in dimensions are reduced to minimum; they are not greater than 0.05 mm.
2. Long service life. LEDs operate from a low-voltage power supply that makes them take more time to burn out and prolong the screen service life.
3. Quiet operation. The quiescence is provided by several factors:
- no fan;
- well-designed wiring layout;
- effective driver controlling the LED operation (IC).
4. Ideal picture quality. There are no blinks or light and dark strips during screen operation, which results in brighter and sharper images.
5. Manufactured on a modern production line. LED screens with a small distance between pixels are made using privately-owned and patented technology, which incorporates the following operations:
- milling punches;
- high-precision welding;
- automatic machining.
6. Uniform color reproduction. Stable and uniform color reproduction achieved at low energy consumption and without overheating is typical for LED screens.
7. Screen darkening during operation is impossible. Displays demonstrate operation stability owing to the fact that they are provided with a reliable power-supply unit, an individual data transfer unit, a fault signal injection function and a power distribution system.
8. Safety in service. Screens can be replaced in hot mode, which further simplifies their maintenance.