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LS серия: LS6 / LS10

LS series: LS6 / LS10


LS series screens are ultra light & slim fixed LED displays. They are suitable for outdoor. Pixel pitch is 6.66 mm with SMD pixel configuration.


Key benefits:

- The LS panel supports for both front and rear maintenance
- Intergrated power supply design
- Fast lock between modules
- Air hole
- Panel with standard aviation connector
- High protection grade of IP65/IP54
- Aluminum cooling fin for better heat dissipation


Model LS6 LS10
Pixel Pitch, mm 6.6 10
Pixel Density, pixels/㎡ 22500 10000
Pixel Configuration SMD
Brightness, nit 5500
Grey Level, bit 12/14/16
Refresh Rate, Hz 1920
Panel Size, mm 1280x960x125
Panel Resolution, pixels 192x144 128x96
Module Size (W)×(H), mm 320x320
Module Resolution, pixels 48x48 32x32
Protection Grade IP65/IP54
Serviceability Front/Rear
Avg.Power Consumption, W/㎡ 215 (AC)
Lifetime, hours 50 000