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FS серия: FS5 / FS6 / FS8

FS series: FS5 / FS6 / FS8


Designed to be an advertising LED screen, the FS series outdoor SMD LED display has an IP65 high protection grade which ensures its stability and reliability in harsh environments. Its low power consumption makes it a cost-effective choice.


Key benefits:

- Cabinets can be connected horizontally in curved line from -15 to +20 to meet
creative application requirements.
- High protection grade enables it to be used in outdoor, semi-outdoor and indoor environment.
- High transparent rate helps to strengthen wind-resistance capability and present the original sound effect.
- Noise-free effect is achieved by fan-less design with good dissipation.
- Patented hanging mechanism together with ultra-thin and ultra-light design contribute to fast installation.


Model FS5 FS6 FS6v2 FS8
Pixel Pitch, mm 5 6 6.6 8
Pixel Density, pixels/㎡ 40000 27777 22477 15625
Pixel Configuration SMD
Viewing Angle, deg. 140 (Horizontal), 140 (Vertical)
Brightness,nit 6300 6500 6500 6500
Grey Level, bit 14 14 14 14
Refresh Rate, Hz 1920
Panel Size (W)×(H), mm 960x960 960x960 96x960 960x960
Panel Resolution, pixels 192x192 160x160 144x144 120x120
Panel Material Aluminum Profile
Panel Weight, kg 60 60 60 60
Module Size (W)×(H), mm 240x240 240x240 240x240 240x240
Module Resolution, pixels 48x48 40x40 36x36 30x30
Protection Grade (Front/Rear) IP65/IP54
Serviceability Front/Rear
Voltage (V) 110-220
Avg.Power Consumption, W/㎡ 250 290 240 240
Max.Power Consumption, W/㎡ 750 870 720 720
Driving Mode 1/8 scan 1/6 scan 1/6 scan 1/5 scan
Lifetime, hours 50 000