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XW серия: XW5 / XW8

XW series: XW5 / XW8


Led screens are a design consisting of a light connected to each other modules. The number of elements depends on the desired screen size.


The advantages of screens: 

1. Premium appearance.
2. The use of video content.
3. Drawing attention to 6 times higher than static advertising.
4. The best memorization of the brand.
5. The screen is semitransparent, that does not prevent the review from inside the store.


Model XW5 XW8
Pixel pitch mm 5 8
The degree of transparency 68%
Resolution (dots/sq. m) 25000
Brightness, nits >6000
The size of the screen, mm 2560х2880
Resolution Cabinet pixel 5x8 7,5x8
The optimal distance of the review, m 5 8
Average power consumption of the screen (change. current), W/sq m 246