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VH серия: VH1.2 / VH1.4 / VH1.9

VH series: VH1.2 / VH1.4 / VH1.9


The Fine-pitch LED Display has an enhanced visual experience by reproducing the original sense of depth, texture and gloss that customers love. It easily satisfies requirements for large illumination areas, high definition and high brightness in environments such as conference rooms, command centers, surveillance rooms, exhibition halls and commercial plazas.


With a perfect panel size design, the display ratio easily reaches the commonly used resolution of 1920 x 1080 with a certain number of VH panels. Under the dual conditions of a prescribed signal source and a specific scene, the splicing cost is significantly reduced for its flexibility.

Key benefits:

- Low splicing cost
- Easy and convenient front maintenance
- Concise and protective design
- The module, power supply, receiving card, conversion card and cables between panels are all easily maintained from the front
- No cables or wires are exposed in the exterior


Model VH1.4 VH1.9 VH2.4
Pixel Pitch, mm 1.4 1.9 2.4
Viewing Angle, deg. 160 (Horizontal), 160 (Vertical)
Grey Level, bit 12 14 16
Refresh Rate, Hz 1920 2400 3840
Panel Size, mm 476x535x78
Panel Resolution, pixels 320x360 240x270 192x216
Panel Material Aluminum
Lifetime, hours 50 000