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LTV серия: LTV2.5 / LTV1.6

LTV series: LTV2.5 / LTV1.6


The LTV series LED display is a line of high-end indoor advertising LED screens. Containing a quad-core processing unit, these advertising LED displays can process a large amount of data and support multi-network access, making them more versatile to provide a wide range of advertising solutions.


Key benefits:

- Support  for  on-site  installation.
- Even without a backlight, the display screen has high color fidelity.
- Made from quality standard components, this LED screen is less than 1/3 of the price of advertising LCD displays from similar brands.
- Unlike television sets, our indoor LED displays are wired to support multi-network access and process large amounts of data so you can do more to advertise your product.
- Use with a PC, mobile phone, or iPad to coordinate advertising messages.
- A user-friendly interface and an android computer system make these indoor advertising LED displays convenient to operate.
- A built-in quad-core processing unit allows the display to process large amounts of data without interrupting the display of images.
- Our LED display screen has high pixel-to-pixel LED calibration and maintains bright and vivid colors.
- Advanced drive technology and the ability to process a large amount of data make for perfect image quality.
- The indoor advertising LED display can easily use wired or wireless networks, WIFI, or Bluetooth.
- User-friendly interfaces for USB, VGA, DVI, and HDMI components.


Model LTV2.5 LTV1.6
Pixel Pitch, mm 2.5 1.6
Display diagonal, deg. 147
Viewing Angle, deg. 160 (Horizontal), 160 (Vertical)
Brightness,nit 1200 1000
Size, мм 3274,8x2396,5x715
Resolution, pixels 1280x720 1920x1080