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The process of choosing the best LED screen is challenging and very important, since, instead of a one-off purchase for “a couple of months”, it concerns screens that will operate for many years under proper scheduled maintenance.

In our catalogue each screen is provided with a detailed description of its technical properties and application areas; however, sometimes this is not enough: it is better to see once with one’s own eyes that to read three times!

That is why we have arranged a digital showroom right at our office! We have collected the most popular outdoor and indoor screen models in one place.

You can visit our showroom, see and test the screens, compare them and select the option that is suitable for your goals and budget. Just call us at +7 495-548-25-35 or leave a request on our site, indicating “Showroom” to set up your visit.

Visit Showroom

Various screen models with various features and applications are presented in the digital showroom. Visit us for the following:

* compare image quality on street screens with various pixel steps;
* see various screen applications;
* evaluate the ease of screen control and their other advantages.

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